Tuesday, November 22, 2016

HADES Reapers and Spec-Ops K-9's

This is the first blog post since I moved to Ohio. I finally got settled in enough to work on some miniatures. So far I'm loving it here, very cool people.

First up we have some of the kit from Clearhorizon's Kickstarter. This is the HADES Recon Light Walker escorted by a HADES Reaper Team. We are about half way through the Kickstarter event as I post this, and they have bugs too, so Get Some! For those of you living in the future, you can get yours on the Clearhorizon website.

The marvelous Mr. Harold was kind enough to send me a squad of the new HADES Reapers from the Sigma Event 2177 box set. They're sculpted by Anton Ducrot, of Flytrap Factory fame; very crisp, clean sculpts making them relatively easy to paint. They are big troopers, power-armored and cyber-augmented. The ground cars in the back are some conversions I posted earlier.

Next is the Covert Ops Cyber-K9 and Handler Operative, also by Clearhorizon Miniatures, and also well sculpted. What can I say, you had me at teched-up AK-47.

I really love the styling on the Operative, super clean. The jury is still out, but this may be my favorite trooper from Clearhorizon. Yeah, but those Hell Divers, I don't know... tough call.

I'm still warming up to my Hell Diver army. I think I ended up with over two platoons when I finally stopped spending. I need to work on some terrain before I get stuck-in on a big project, and then there's all the other things.

Thanks for looking,



  1. Great colour schemes,
    Love the off white/grey or light grey/medium grey on the dog handler.
    What did you shade/wash with Brown wash.

    Keep it up

  2. That was a cool gray with a blue wash over the whole thing, then a khaki blended up to white for the whitish areas.

    My wife got me some washes from Badger Air Brush Co. that are really killin' it. They sink down to the crevices and stay there as they dry. I brush them on, but I've liked them a lot. All the colors are saturated, so I mix opposites down to various browns.


  3. Thanks for the reply Tom,
    Badger washes ?? Tried to goggle them but couldn't find any. I suppose Windsor & Newton ( my fav ) would do the trick.
    I like your blending/finish a lot . Keep it up.