Sunday, January 11, 2015

Covert Ops Team

This is my latest project, ClearHorizon's Covert Ops teams. I wanted to give these guys a neutral color scheme to emphasize their covert nature. So this was a light gray base coat over white primer, then a thinned out black ink, three layers of highlight to bring out the magnificent, fine detail, and finally another super thin black ink over the whole thing.

I don’t usually ink infantry, but the detail on these models is so fine that I couldn’t show it all off by just painting in the usual highlights. They are made for ink. It settles right down into those details just right.

I’d like to try this project again with airbrushing the basecoats, dark from the bottom and light from the top then hit it with ink and done.  I think that would be just about all it would take. Maybe pick out the guns and edges with a brush before the ink.

I was excited to try out Clearhorizon’s new hex tile sci-fi bases. They are a very nice product, though a bit tricky. You cut through the cast on, metal base right around the model’s feet, straight down like you’re taking their shoe size. At this point they look like they have on platform shoes. Then drill out holes in the sci-fi base to match where the feet go and just super glue the platforms into the holes; Bob’s your uncle. They fit right over a US penny, which is what I did here to maintain my magnet base system, and I like the added weight, such as it is. The acrylic is very sturdy and the hex pattern can really posh up a model nicely.

Thanks for looking,

Tom Kelley


  1. Looks awesome and thanks for the info on how you do the bases! I need to do a video at some point...

  2. Good colour scheme. Love the miniatures too. I'm waiting on mine to arrive alongside the recent Kickstarter stuff from Clear Horizon. PF sculpts I think? If not, very similar style. I've recently being trying to acquire the "PF range" in 15mm.