Friday, August 8, 2014

Mercenaries / Colonial Security

Well, here we are at post number three, and this time, we have a squad of Security Personnel / Mercenaries, courtesy of ClearHorizon Miniatures, Mr. Harold’s fine miniatures establishment, famous for their Orbital Drop Pods and the completely insane Hell Divers that ride them.

“You have to be crazy to jump out of a perfectly good space ship.”
“Oi, there’s no such thing as a perfectly good space ship!” 

I’m a big fan of ClearHorizon Miniatures and I have been for years. They’re a pillar of the 15mm Sci-Fi community.

This model set’s versatility is quite appealing, a nice blend of regular and irregular. They can play the mining company’s security team, or the miner union’s enforcers;  heartless mercenary bastards sent to oppress colony villages or resilient colonial citizens, ready to fight off all comers in defense of their little piece of space. And if you use them as I plan to, their role can switch around from game to game, depending on which faction needs reinforcements.

These guys are finely detailed and well proportioned. The faces are symmetrical and convincing. The clothing and equipment is a nice mixture of uniform and mismatched. I chose to paint them in a uniform, but you could paint them in different colored gear just as easily. And I love the authentic sculpt of the AK-47; that guy’s my favorite.

To be honest, I wasn’t really sure about these guys initially, but having gone through the process with them I can say that the Merc’s are definitely worth the effort. They are excellent candidates for wash methods. I don’t usually use washes, but I did on these guys. Their coats are very finely detailed, the kind of fine that screams ‘Wash Me!’ So I brushed in some highlights, then hit them with a thinned out brown ink, and I’m completely satisfied with the results; and the visors, I love the visors, what a great opportunity to explode the gem technique, very nice.

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  1. I like your paint scheme on these. I have two squads of them waiting for some sand and paint. Hadn't got around to it because of my stupid big backlog of stuff.