Saturday, August 16, 2014

Colonist Utility Trucks, WIP

Here are some work in progress shots of my latest project. These are going to be field trucks for the colonists or, more likely, any of the irregular, radical factions. They are loaded down with stowage because Nu-Mars is is a tough place to eek out an existence, and because I just can't help but add tons of loot.

Without any weapons mounted, they will carry fighters around, deploy weapon and comm systems in the field, and even provide medevac, when necessary. They will also make excellent mission targets.

They are kit bashed from WWII British artillery tractors, but as you can see, they make much better Sci-Fi trucks.

I glued three pins on each side to hold some tie-down string, which I'll add later after the base coating is done.

The stowage is, of course, electronic components, harvested from circuit boards.

Here are some shots before I primed everything, showing the stowage a little better, and with more of the same piled up in the background, also a militiaman for scale.

And these show the original kit, more or less. I had sculpted on some stowage a while ago. The fuel tanks are from a T-34.



  1. I like them.
    I too am a fan of stowage!

  2. Great minds think alike, I did one of those before

    They are perfect trucks for Colonists, and I used them for my police as well: