Sunday, June 15, 2014

Radical Reinforcements

I just finished a batch of 15mm Sci‑Fi radicals, armed to the teeth with RPG’s, SAW’s, and assault rifles. These Oddzial Osmy (O8) miniatures are awesome and I love each and every sculpt. I’ll be using them to represent a variety of factions; anarchists, eco‑terrorists, and union heavies to name a few.

As you can see, the sculpts are really imaginative, a solid line of low‑tech sci‑fi. They have a ton of variety, and this batch represents only about half of the sculpts available now. Each model has a lot of character, and the group as a whole comes off as a little bit punk, a little bit rock‑n‑roll. They would fit right in in Mega‑City 1, duking it out with the law.

These are probably the last miniatures that I’ll prime with black. I’ve been trying to lighten up my painting with various techniques, and I pulled out all the techniques I could think of for these guys except the white primer. Partly I wanted to see if the primer color really mattered (I think it might just a little) and partly I already had them primed in black, so there you go.

The pewter that they are cast with is a very hard, brittle material; more so than the usual white metal. I made the mistake of trying to bend one of my colonial militia (NVL) guys at the legs. Well he now slogs into battle on a pair of prosthetics. But having learned that lesson, I now really like the properties of the metal. I have confidence these guys will be very robust on the table top, no bent gun barrels and the like.

These guys are beautifully sculpted, like all O8 models that I’ve seen. The level of detail is quite fine. All the faces are clean and well balanced. The folds, pouches, and other details are crisp and smooth; a real joy to paint. I would like to see some NVL equipment make it into more rebel hands in the future, if there are any more codes planned, but these guys are well worth putting some time into and giving some care to the paint work, very rewarding. O8 are easily my favorite 15mm Sci‑Fi infantry models.



Thanks for checking these out,
Tom Kelley


  1. Really great painting, and I agree, I love the miniatures!

  2. If you'd like some Hell Divers in exchange for some photos once thye're painted let me know! sales @

  3. Wonderful. Excellent painting. Added Your blog to my bloglist.

  4. Love the paint jobs.
    Correct me if I'm wrong, Dry brushing mostly ?


    1. No dry brushing! All of the gradients are done by layering successive shades of paint.

  5. Nice job. About to go place an order...
    For what its worth I've been the opposite - always white primer. Tried black (and grey) a few times and felt it sucked all the vibrancy out. I can see why black works for some painting styles but not mine (and I think yours perhaps).